Fostering your mission while growing your revenue

Fostering your mission while growing your revenue

About Karl Rutter Consulting LLC

After Karl Rutter spent more than 30 years in both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds, he founded Karl Rutter Consulting LLC, a boutique consulting firm focused in higher education and not-for-profit institutions.

The firm’s approach begins with partnering with clients to find creative solutions in the areas of business development, marketing, partnership, program development, recruitment, and strategic management.

Research shows that higher education is undergoing a transformation, with universities and colleges looking to differentiate themselves while needing to find additional streams of revenue. Projections indicate that the percentage of domestic students attending universities will decline and universities will need to respond—yet keep true to their mission and brand.

Through his extensive research into higher education trends, Rutter noticed there is a need for consultants who are laser-focused on specific challenges faced by institutions, particularly in the areas of revenue generation and new program development. Karl Rutter Consulting LLC specializes in these areas, building strategy and creating the tactics to achieve the goal. In the spirit of partnership, the firm offers implementation services, staying on through implementation to help ensure the projects are accomplished successfully.

Our expertise is with start-up initiatives that support an institution’s mission, including certificate, English language, international student, pre-college, and summer programs.

With more than 30 years of experience extending to both incoming international students and outgoing domestic student issues, we’re sure to pay special attention to keeping quality student experience and sound business practices at the forefront of every engagement.

Karl Rutter Consulting LLC differentiates itself from other consulting firms by being nimble and working on tactics to achieve client goals. Rutter adds value by bridging his experience in the for-profit world with the non-profit world to build sound business practices.

The agency understands the industry and complex institutions, having worked with tuition-driven and Ivy League universities. Rutter has built a successful toolbox of high-impact, low-cost solutions to help schools achieve their goals.

Karl Rutter has worked with a breadth of degree and non-degree initiatives, including certificate, English language, pre-college, international student, and summer programs. This experience enables him to truly understand cross-functional and cross-discipline teams in higher education.

Our Vision

To collectively collaborate on new solutions to expand program offerings, allowing access to a diverse group of students for our clients and the populations they serve.

Our Mission

To enable institutions to find creative program and recruitment solutions, increasing the reach of their missions through quality program offerings that are built on sound, sustainable business models.

Our Values

Integrity We establish a high code of ethics and strive to adhere to them with each engagement. We do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

Collegiality We commit to working with respect and transparency, and recognize we are better as a team than an individual.

Academic Rigor Working with the academic community, learning is the goal of our end users—whether lifelong learners, pre-college, or ESL students, challenging academic programming is paramount to our engagements.

Creativity We embrace out-of-the-box thinking to offer the best solutions for our clients. Each client is unique and needs a fresh approach to find the best solution.

Excellence We strive to excel and continually exceed expectations for our clients. Our staff is driven to be the best we can be.

Empathy While confident in our abilities, we realize we need to look through the lens of the end user: the student. We understand student motivations as consumers of education.

Karl is exceptionally skilled at identifying underlying issues, developing creative solutions, and then ensuring new initiatives are planned and executed with high rates of success. Karl is confident in taking calculated risks, and our program portfolio and new incoming student body were beneficiaries of his carefully crafted approaches. I found Karl to be a great brainstorming partner, and he trusted among his peers and leadership to take ownership of a wide variety of projects. Beyond that, he is articulate, well-traveled, and interesting in virtually any conversation on any topic – all great qualities for building positive working relationships within and across organizations and industries.”
Jennifer Maden
Former Associate Dean at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies; currently the Assistant Dean and Director of Graduate Studies at Rowan University’s Rohrer College of Business

Karl Rutter Consulting LLC has the experience working and delivering success in higher education in both Ivy League schools and self-funded, tuition-driven schools.