Unique Solutions Require a Diversity of Skills

Unique Solutions Require a Diversity of Skills


Kristina Bostley

Copy Editor
Kristina Bostley, Copy Editor, works with Karl Rutter Consulting LLC on various projects to ensure the copy is grammatically correct and appropriate for the intended audience. She knows how important those little details are to communicating the proper message to an American audience. We take special care when working on copy for institutions outside of the United States, making sure that marketing tools are culturally sensitive and the text is correctly translated to convey its true meaning in American vernacular. At Karl Rutter Consulting LLC, we put emphasis on every detail, and working with copy editors ensures appropriately translated copy on websites and collateral marketing material. Kristina has been working as a writer and editor for over a decade, having spent most of her time working in pharmaceutical advertising. She holds a BS and MS from Sacred Heart University in information technology, and she is currently pursuing a second master’s degree from McDaniel College.

Naomi Cervantes

Recruitment Specialist
Naomi Cervantes, Recruitment Specialist, comes to Karl Rutter Consulting, LLC after working in various student recruiting and advising roles. Her expertise extends to student recruitment, both on the undergraduate and graduate levels. All engagements start with our 3-step process, during which Naomi will analyze prior recruitment and yield data to develop a strategic yield plan. Together, we develop a national recruitment plan using a combination of on-campus, off-campus, and virtual events to ensure a strong and diverse prospective applicant pool. Recruitment services include assessing current digital inquiries, incomplete applications and making suggestions for a proactive communication strategy for both prospects and applicants. Karl Rutter Consulting, LLC offers the option to stay on through implementation. Naomi is detail-oriented and able to manage all aspects of planning virtual events, on-campus information sessions, open houses, and admitted student days. Naomi is also fully versed in best practices for CRM systems and has implemented conversion to new CRM systems such as Slate.

Carol Davidson, AICI CIP

Image Consultant
Carol Davidson, AICI CIP, is an image consultant who works with Karl Rutter Consulting LLC on special programs to build out the “soft skills” side of business. We collaborate with partners to create programs that are culturally sensitive and help students acculturate to living in the United States. Carol works with our business suite of program offerings to help students learn about the importance of image. Carol’s programmatic offerings can be incorporated into an existing program or act as stand-alone options. She offers her programs in person, virtually, or a hybrid option. Carol has more than 20 years of experience as a certified image consultant, hosting numerous workshops including “Dress for Success,” “Understanding American Business Casual,” and “Etiquette and Protocol for Professional Presence.” She has helped hundreds of clients, from C-suite executives of Fortune 500 companies looking to elevate their images to undergraduate students looking for their first suit for an interview. As an expert who comes from the corporate world, she understands business and the importance of image. Carol has been quoted in numerous publications, run workshops internationally, and is one of only 25 certified image professionals (AICI CIP) in New York. She is also an adjunct professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Shawna Szabo

Immigration Compliance Consultant
Shawna Szabo, Immigration Compliance Consultant, works with Karl Rutter Consulting, LLC to ensure that all programs run according to the guidelines established by US Homeland Security. We work on our clients’ behalf to limit risk when working to develop programs in America with partner institutions outside the United States. Our Immigration Compliance Consultant knows it is important that all aspects of program development are considered to ensure confidence that programs are in compliance with immigration guidelines. At Karl Rutter Consulting, LLC we strive to exceed partner expectations by delivering on every aspect of program development. Shawna has worked in student services for more than a decade at various institutions throughout the United States, most notably at Rochester Institute of Technology. She has experience advising students on the visa process and has trained and supervised junior officers.

Lee Willett

Brand Specialist and Web Designer
Willett is Brand Specialist and Web Designer for Karl Rutter Consulting, LLC. Lee brings more than 30 years of design experience and talents to our partners, developing the digital marketing tools needed for projects. By uniting their areas of expertise, Lee and Karl Rutter Consulting, LLC provide clients with a winning combination. The world of higher education has become more global and interconnected, so the marketing tools used need to be best in class. We use a collection of traditional and digital marketing tactics for our projects. Lee is founder of Studio 23, an integrated marketing communications firm offering a breadth of traditional and emerging media capabilities such as corporate identity and website design. Lee has worked with brand identity, web, package, and marketing collateral material design. He has lived internationally and studied at the famous Basel School of Design; his undergraduate degree is from The Ohio State University.

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