Program Development to achieve a global experience

Program Development to achieve a global experience​

Services for Institutions Outside the United States

Karl Rutter Consulting LLC offers a variety of services for institutions outside the United States, including business development, marketing, program development, program office, and strategy.

Many institutions outside of the United States would like to see greater student mobility, both incoming and outgoing. The world has become more interdependent with the use of technology, necessitating the need for students to have a global experience to advance academically and professionally. These experiences can take many forms: internships, research assignments, study abroad, and/or even work abroad. With more than 30 years business experience within the international field, we have worked on a broad range of projects and bring this expertise to our partners.


Karl Rutter Consulting LLC takes a collaborative approach with clients, treating them as partners in designing the strategy that most effectively meets their individual needs. We differentiate ourselves by extending our services beyond the strategy: we also include the tactics for success. In most cases, we are available to stay on for implementation partnering with an institution’s team.


Our approach to client engagement can be broken down into a three-step process:
, Strategy Design, and Implementation.

We work with our client’s end goals in mind, building out unique strategies and tactics based on institutions’ strengths.


Working within the global setting, we need to develop long-term value for an institution; whether for-profit or not-for-profit, it requires an acute understanding of the relationships between clients, customers, and markets. In the international scope, we need to add a layer of cultural reference. Culture plays a pivotal role within the dimensions of business development—having the right partner who can decipher these intricacies is of utmost importance.

Karl Rutter Consulting LLC understands both the United States’ higher education market as well as the international market and can help navigate through the maze of opportunities to find the right one for our clients.

The majority of universities outside the United States are public universities and have not had the need to market their schools or programs. The American higher education market is extremely varied in this respect, so having someone who understands these complexities is key in successful marketing campaigns.

We build marketing plans with a combination of traditional and digital tactics, depending on the goal. We work to find low-cost, high-impact options that use many different tactics.

To create your digital footprint, we align with partners such as Studio 23 on your campaign, enhancing the student experience through beautiful website design and unique microsites. We look to build traffic, boosting search engine optimization (SEO) and customer relationship management (CRM). As a boutique agency, we can assemble the best mix to achieve clients’ goals in the most cost-effective manner.

Being culturally sensitive to your partners means making sure that communication strategy is culturally appropriate. Karl Rutter Consulting LLC can work with your written and digital communication strategy to ensure text is both grammatically correct and uses appropriate syntax. We work with copy editors to ensure accuracy and appropriate tone.

Whether it is an enhancement of an existing program or building a program completely from scratch, we have experience in program development. Karl Rutter Consulting LLC is especially creative when it comes to designing a new program, deriving inspiration from years of experience working with international students, both incoming and outgoing.

Having worked with thousands of incoming students from around the world, we understand all aspects of off-site program development. We look at risk management, overseas management, and the cultural and language differences. Our experience extends to a wide variety of programs, from bilateral non-monetary exchange agreements to fee-based programs.

We can develop a series of courses in the business area that could be the cornerstone of your programming in the United Sates or integrate topics into your current program. Other services include:

  • Pre-departure orientations
  • Helping students overcome culture shock
  • In-country orientations
  • Culturally appropriate business soft skills courses, focusing on communications, negotiations, and business customs

Located in New York, we have ties to the business community and can arrange company visits and guest lectures. We partner with industry experts to help students build their knowledge of what it’s like to work in the United States, including cultural and business customs. For the subtleties of business culture, we work with experts in the field of image consulting, including Carol Davidson, on topics including “Dress for Success,” “Understanding American Business Casual,” and “Etiquette and Protocol for Professional Presence.”

Establishing an office abroad takes a great deal of expertise and resources; Karl Rutter Consulting LLC can help with this undertaking. We work with our clients to understand what type of services they require and help decide on the most cost-effective solution to launch an off-site office; examples include program offerings, research opportunities, and event management.
Large projects may require universities to open physical offices that are staffed by local employees. We offer program solutions, working to set up the space, write job descriptions, and hire staff. The design and structure of the program office would be based on clients’ needs and goals.

Other services that Karl Rutter Consulting LLC provides include:

  • Alumni engagement, maintaining relations with former students in the United States
  • Alumni events, arranging and promoting activities and events in New York
  • Assisting in faculty mobility and research opportunities
  • Creating and maintaining events and study tours in New York

Good strategy is the cornerstone of each of our engagements. Historically, there has been a more passive strategic approach allowing the market to drive enrollment. In today’s environment of razor-sharp budgets, competitive landscape, and fast-paced media, institutions need more than that. Research and experience enable us to develop solid strategy based on sound business theory, market demands and research.

We specialize in building out the strategy for new initiatives, keeping in mind our clients’ school profile, student base, and ultimate goals. Whether that is a small private school with a religious affiliation or a large public institution in a rural community, we work to build out a strategy including reliable marketing tactics to meet these goals. We work with our clients to establish assessments and markers and, if requested, continue our partnership through implementation to help ensure success.

When working with Karl to set up a partnership for our students to attend Columbia for a semester he worked tirelessly to ensure the best student experience. He worked within Columbia to design the program and in many cases ran the new student orientations himself. He was always ready to answer student questions and work to ensure that the Danish students were well acclimated into the US system. It was a pleasure to work with him.”
Scott Lewis
Copenhagen Business School

Karl Rutter Consulting LLC has the experience working on and delivering successful programs with institutions outside the United States with top-tier schools throughout Asia, Europe, and Latin America.