What is Germany doing?

In the US there is a greater proliferation of online platforms for universities and colleges to pivot in times of crisis. We have a variety of educational institutions (Private, public, 4-year, 2 year) allowing schools to move quickly. In Europe, where there are more large public schools, they were not as nimble. Germany, which responded quickly with regards to public health has not responded as quickly within the higher education sector: teaching halted, summer courses canceled and start dates delayed. They have not fully embraced technology as an option. I hope that the crisis will be a stimulus to change within the German system. Some schools have embraced the switch over to online courses, others have simply canceled programs or delayed start dates. I have worked with many of these schools and seen how traditional the pedagogical approach is and it needs to embrace a nimbler change management. This article featured on Studying-in-Germany.org illustrates the situation in greater depth. https://www.studying-in-germany.org/how-are-german-universities-responding-to-coronavirus-pandemic/

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